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Happy Office Solutions

1 week 4 days ago

Happy Office Solutions shared The Gourock Butcher's post.

Told you we had something special Facebook followers, now we know it is unlikely if you are #Vegan or #Vegetarian you will be in a butcher shop but we also now that some of you have dietary requirements to match meat that are hard to find, that's why we have invested in this amazing range of condiment sauces, only £2.99 each! Gluten free, lactose free, shellfish free and suitable for vegetarians. The Taste of Goodness Sauces has 8 flavours available, encompassing Pepper, Sweet Chilli, Taco, Barbeque, Southwest and Piri-Piri sauces, along with Garlic and Lo-Cal mayo, come in and try some today - Robert The Gourock Butcher

Happy Office Solutions

1 week 6 days ago

Happy Office Solutions shared The Gourock Butcher's post.

The £10Kg silverside deal was so popular we are keeping it going another week, don't forget all our other deals, tomorrow you have your Two for Tuesday buy one 1lb of mince get one free, we have your services discount of 10% chicken fillets at £12/£24 for 2.5 and 5kg boxes, our amazing breakfast packs and our £20 lean meat pack, also FREE delivery for all of this across #Inverclyde, contact us on Facebook today or ring the store to place your order - Robert The Gourock Butcher

Happy Office Solutions

1 week 6 days ago

Tropic Skincare have some great deals on this month, Ayshea Tropic will be bringing you some cool items individually but they have a 20% off make up deal, ideal time to try.

Happy Office Solutions

2 weeks 2 days ago

Happy Office Solutions shared Tactical Defence Krav Maga's video.

Principle reality based system. Training to prepare for reality. When we talk about Krav Maga, if you have practised it, you begin to realise, your reactions would or have been the same when confronted with a situation, after all, the essence of the defence system is to do what you would do naturally, only be more aware of it and do it better and most importantly, safer, this video is interesting for two reasons, the first is that it shows you a fast paced class and is really cool but it has a hidden secret surprise near the end, we don't just train to fight other people who do Krav Maga, we train for real life, message us on Facebook to find out more, book your 3 week trial class here ----> http://bit.ly/2nrZuMb - Tactical Defence Krav Maga